Hire a modern karaoke jukebox and sing the night away

Our digital touchscreen karaoke jukeboxes come loaded with 50 000 songs as well as 40 000 karaoke songs that includes all the decades, Top 40 hits, popular bands as well as all the Now Thats What I Call Music CDs.
The jukebox is coupled to a powerful 750 Watt RMS amp that powers 2 double 15 inch 450 Watt RMS speakers.
The software is easy to use and also comes with a set of headphones so that you can preview a song before you add it to the playlist. All the song words are displayed on the screen and you have 2 corded mics to get your groove on Whitney style.

Our jukeboxes are perfect for parties of all age groups.
Ideal too for weddings with custom playlists for every moment on your special day.

So why use a touchscreen jukebox and not an old school 50`s style jukebox?

  • Touch-Screen interface is easy to use.
  • Songs cross fade from one song to the next.
  • Large data base of 50 000 songs.
  • Volume is controlled from the touchscreen.
  • The jukebox can be customised as to how you want your guests to interact with it.
  • There is a guest and a host mode so you can restrict what your guest can do with the jukebox.
  • Need a specific song…we can make sure that they are loaded for you.
  • Songs or artists can be searched for with the on screen keyboard.
  • Custom playlists can be set up for you before hand to get the party going.
  • Large sound system can cater for weddings or large house party`s.
  • There is no need to insert coins or cash to play a song.
  • A cordless or corded microphone can be attached for speeches.
  • Fantastic talking point at your party.

How do i hire a karaoke jukebox

  • Simply go to our Online hire enquiry page and fill in the form.
  • Select the colour juke you would like to hire.
  • Don’t forget to tick the karaoke option in the online form under optional extras and submit to us.
  • Sit back and wait to party like a rock star.

Click here for our online hire enquiry page