For the hire of jukeboxes, these conditions are also printed on the hire contract which is e mailed to you after a booking has been made.

HIRE A JUKEBOX (herein after referred to as HAJ) agrees to hire equipment to the hirer (herein after referred to as CUSTOMER) agrees to accept the hiring in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

  1. Prior to the execution of this agreement the CUSTOMER covenants and agrees with the owner as to the following:

  2. That the CUSTOMER has thoroughly examined the equipment and has satisfied their self as to its condition and suitability for their purpose.

  3. That the equipment is in good working order and condition.

  4. That the CUSTOMER has read and understood the operating instructions.

  5. The CUSTOMER will hire from HAJ equipment on the terms and conditions herein contained.

  6. No variation of these conditions will bind HAJ unless made in writing and signed by HAJ.

  7. The CUSTOMER shall pay HAJ all hire charges for which the CUSTOMER is liable to HAJ, use the equipment in a proper manner and only for the purpose and capacity for which it was designed, and accept full responsibility for the safekeeping of the equipment.

  8. The CUSTOMER agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified HAJ against liability in respect to any suits, claims, actions, demands, costs, loss (including loss of profit) or damages arising directly or indirectly out of the hire or use of the equipment by the CUSTOMER whether caused by the negligence of the CUSTOMER or any other person.

  9. The CUSTOMER will immediately stop using the equipment if it is damaged or becomes unsafe. Under no circumstances is any equipment other than that owned and/or approved by HAJ to be added, connected or used in conjunction with the hire equipment. The CUSTOMER must ensure that no modification, changes, additions to, or attempts to repair or alter the hire equipment be made by anyone other than an employee of HAJ. The CUSTOMER acknowledges that unless otherwise specified all the hire equipment is the sole property of HAJ.

  10. The CUSTOMER will pay within 5 days the costs of any and all repairs and if the damage is irreparable or the equipment is lost or stolen, the replacement cost of the equipment.

  11. In the event that an employee of HAJ does not have access to pick up the hire equipment at the pre-arranged time listed under “Pickup date & time” on the hire contract the CUSTOMER will forfeit the deposit when and will be charged a fee equal t the hire fee per day for each day late until the hire equipment is able to be picked up.

  12. The R1000 Deposit is in addition to the hire payment to cover any minor breakages, missing items, or cleaning charges on collection of hire items. HAJ will, refund the deposit when the equipment has been inspected upon collection.

  13. When the jukebox is delivered, HAJ requires the following from the CUSTOMER who made the booking:

    (a) A valid copy of SA ID Document

    (b) A current utility bill. Eg rates/electricity/ hp agreement / telephone

    (c) Full payment in cash if an eft has not been done.

    If proof of identity and full payment are not provided, then the hire booking will be cancelled and the CUSTOMER will forfeit their deposit of R1000.

  14. In the event that the CUSTOMER wishes to cancel a hire booking, then the CUSTOMER shall notify HAJ no less than seven (7) days prior to the date of hire. In the event of the CUSTOMER wishing to cancel a hire booking less than seven days of the date of hire then HAJ reserves the right to claim the total deposit fee if an alternative booking for the equipment on the date, for the same or greater total fee, not be arranged. Should you not wish to proceed with the hire booking please phone HAJ immediately.

  15. HAJ reserves the right to terminate this agreements at any time during the course of such agreement with no refund of money if the equipment hired is subjected to any treatment that HAJ, at it’s sole discretion, considers to be neglectful or likely to cause damage to the equipment.

  16. The CUSTOMER shall in no way attempt to move the jukebox. If this is needed to be done, the customer will contact HAJ..

  17. The Jukebox will only be setup under a roofed enclosure